The testing and maintenance services division of YILDIRIM Energy that offers top quality services to a wide portfolio of customers across the world.


In 2015, YILTEKNİK was established in the capital of Türkiye, Ankara, to basically meet the testing and maintenance needs of YILDIRIM Group’s power plants and provide electromechanical solutions. YILTEKNİK’s prioritized activities at national and international levels comprise of testing and maintenance of secondary switchgear (HV-MV), secondary testing and commissioning services, thermography (thermal camera imaging), accumulator, generator, and cable testing services, automation panel and transformer installation, MV and HV transmission line installation, and maintenance and mechanical maintenance services for HEPP.installation, MV and HV transmission line installation and maintenance and mechanical maintenance services for HEPP.


YILTEKNİK Energy Industry (Malta) Branch and YILTEKNİK Enerji San.ve Tic. A.Ş. (TURKİET) Filial companies serve across the globe and within YILDIRIM Group of Companies as part of Green Energy projects dedicated to ports for frequency converter production and integration to provide vessels with ports’ own energy, reduce carbon gas emission, and boost business volume, port expansion and construction work, environmental lighting, and environmental projects covering the entire LV-MV electricity infrastructure and supported by the European Union and International Maritime Organization.


Our YILDIRIM Energy Europe Albania and YILDIRIM Energy Europe Kosovo companies are active in the Balkans, operating within YILDIRIM Group and meeting the energy needs of various companies since 2020. Besides supplying energy, both companies perform regular tests and maintenance work for transformers, engines, generators, switchyards, power plants, control units, and MV/HV facilities in industrial plants, as well as operating these equipment and units.