We are embarking upon an exciting journey and developing new projects on renewables around the world starting with our plants and facilities.


It has been a while since the world started to shift from fossil fuels to renewables, as the latter offers many distinctive features for the future of our planet. It is now a common belief that investing in alternative energy resources will facilitate the end of the devastating impacts of climate change and reach the net-zero target by 2050.

As YILDIRIM Energy, we have already proved our commitment to achieving sustainability and net zero by making the best use of renewable energy resources at our power plants and facilities. We are spreading this notion to our subsidiaries across the world, initiating and developing new green energy projects on solar and wind energy in Türkiye, El Salvador, Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, and Kazakhstan. Our ultimate aim is to drive remarkable economic growth, create new job opportunities, and achieve a resilient and diversified economy.


Türkiye has achieved remarkable growth in renewables, standing out with solar and wind energy investments in the past decade. While renewable electricity generation nearly tripled in this period, the share of the total power generation even reached 44%, surpassing the estimated target of 38.8% in power generation from renewables. Türkiye, with its high energy potential and flexible opportunities, is now ranked 5th in Europe and 12th in the world in installed capacity in renewable energy.
Türkiye now continues to promote the expansion of renewable energy resources to commission 10 GW for both solar and wind capacity in the long term, harnessing the expanded capacity of technology and innovation. To maintain this upward trend and accomplish future goals on renewables-based energy production, we vow to fulfill our renewable energy goals in alignment with Türkiye’s projections. Once we have completed our 1000 MW solar power plant investment projects in Türkiye, we will have taken the lead in the global renewable energy sector and contributed to the country’s economy.


At YILDIRIM Energy, we take great pride in our commitment to the environment and promoting sustainable practices. As Türkiye continues to expand its investments in hydroelectric power plants, we are optimistic about our ability to contribute to the country's increasingly successful endeavors in renewable energy generation. Proving this fact, our 3 hydroelectric power plants in Türkiye generate renewable energy that can provide daily electrical energy needs with a total installed power of 150 MW.

As the world transitions towards sustainable energy resources, we at YILDIRIM Energy seek to expand our expertise and grow in this area, with a particular focus on hydroelectric power. Our goal is not only to support the growth of hydroelectric power, but to become a leader in this field. We are committed to advancing our capabilities in order to make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place, one hydroelectric power plant at a time.