We consider sustainability as one of our fundamental values to achieve a brighter future embracing improved business operations and living standards.

As a subsidiary of YILDIRIM Group, we work for a more prosperous future, conducting our operations with the utmost respect for the communities around us and our planet Earth. The prosperity and well-being of the future and the next generations lie at the heart of our business practices and relationships with stakeholders
As the threat of irreparable damage to our environment grows, the window for taking action is shrinking. For this reason, we committed to making sustainability one of our core values, embedding it into our strategy. We raised the bar to achieve outstanding results, and we strive to provide an example to our peers.


Our top priority at YILDIRIM Energy is to make investments that will improve the well-being of communities for a prosperous future. We hold on to the belief that leaving a livable world for future generations can be only possible with the excellence of the operations that we are conducting today.

As we move forward in the same direction with a strong and shared conviction, we derive our strength from continuous self-improvement and recent technological innovations. At the center of our business strategy lies renewable energy, the protagonist of a bright future. Through renewable energy, we meet the energy demands of the facilities of our YILDIRIM Group and get closer to achieving our sustainability goals, to be a trailblazer for sustainability throughout our sector.


Earth is the only planet known to be capable of supporting life. However, the latest natural phenomena, scientific research, and awareness events on major environmental issues have proved one point: Our planet Earth is on the verge of extinction due to climate crisis and pollution.

As YILDIRIM Energy, we incorporate our environmental consciousness into our business strategy under a specific set of fundamental values. We conduct our operations with respect to nature and people. It is our responsibility to make sure that natural resources are wisely utilized. In parallel to this, we steer our investments toward renewable energy resources. We take bold steps to reduce negative impacts on air, water, and soil to improve the living quality of humans, animals, and other living creatures. We will remain committed to preserving the world we live in and enabling future generations to inherit a livable planet.