We operate in 57 countries across 5 continents and 9 industries with 25,000 employees worldwide.


The foundations of YILDIRIM Group date back to 1963, when the late Garip YILDIRIM established a modest construction material trading company called GARIP YILDIRIM & SONS in Samsun, Türkiye. Since its founding, the Group has continuously broadened its focus through new subsidiaries by entrepreneurism and constant innovation, evolving into an industrially diversified group of companies as well as one of the fastest growing Turkish industrial groups.

The second generation has been active in the Company’s operations since 1995. YILDIRIM Group is a family-owned business, held 100% privately and managed by brothers Ali Riza and Robert Yuksel YILDIRIM. Its business structure ensures passionate motivation for sustainable growth as well as quick and sound decision-making capabilities. Since 2008, when YILDIRIM Group made its first international acquisition in Sweden, the Group has grown to become a global force based in Istanbul, Türkiye, with As YILDIRIM Energy Europe Albania has a wide portfolio of suppliers from energy producers and trade companies that actively take part in the energy market in the region, the company plays an active role in the region through its energy supply and trade licenses obtained in Albania.


A global conglomerate operating across 9 industries, in 57 countries worldwide. YILDIRIM Group ofCompanies employs more than 25,000 people around the globe.