Yildirim Group has proudly earned the title as the second largest high quality high carbon ferrochrome producer in the world. The subsidiary of Eti Krom is currently the only High Carbon Ferrochrome producer in Turkey. Also when it comes to High Carbon Ferrochrome, the subsidiary Tikhvin Ferroalloy is the largest producer in the entire Russia, exceeding 30% of the country’s total production.

Yilmaden Holding has all in all 12 ferrochrome furnaces in Eti Krom, Vargön Alloys and Tikhvin, 4 furnaces in each.

With increasing sales volume and maintaining production at 50-55%, stock levels have been brought to a minimum and stock levels have been carried out with a success. Already for 2019 we expect the market conditions to be similar and in 2018 we aim for a 5% sales increase.

Most of the ferrochrome that is produced in the world is used in stainless steel production.


YILPORT Holding was established in August 2011 to combine the port and container terminal operations of YILDIRIM Group under one roof. The Holding has a portfolio of 4 terminals in Turkey, 7 in Portugal, 2 in Spain, 1 in Peru, 1 in Malta, 1 in Norway, and 2 in Sweden. YILPORT’s portfolio has an estimated value exceeding USD 2 billion, with the capacity to handle over 5.68 million TEUs in containers, 16 million tons of dry bulk and general cargo, 1.65 million cubic meters of liquid cargo as well as a RORO capacity of 700,000 CEUs.

The overall aim of YILPORT Holding is to create world-class, multipurpose facilities on an international scale. This vision is powered by the company’s growth strategy to become a top 10 global port operator by 2025. The numbers indicate that the company is well on its way to achieving this target, as YILPORT Holding was the 2nd fastest-growing International Terminal Operator (ITO) in the world in 2015. In order to be highly competitive and to enjoy sustainable profitability in today’s business environment, YILPORT Holding’s port interests are diversified when it comes to cargo and customer portfolios. The company’s Turkish terminals are market leaders in handling containers, bulk, liquid, general and project cargo YILPORT has also promoted the expansion of services that include trucking, mineral storage and loading, warehousing, container feeder vessel service and more.

YILPORT Holding has taken a fresh look at operating and investing in ports worldwide. The company has successfully managed rapid expansions by establishing an international team backed by centralized support systems and by applying intense focus on training. YILPORT’s domestic strength as a multipurpose port operator focused on serving industry has set the foundation for its global expansion plans.


Established as a government enterprise in 1973, Gemlik Gubre Inc. was acquired by YILDIRIM Group via privatization in 2004. Following this investment, the company has become one of the top fertilizer producers in Turkey as well as the country’s biggest producer of CAN (calcium ammonium nitrate) fertilizer and ammonia. At its expansive factory spread out over 1 million square meters in Gemlik, Bursa, Gemlik Gubre manufactures CAN 26% N fertilizer, AN 33% N (ammonium nitrate) fertilizer, ammonia and 55% nitric acid. Gemlik Gubre is the biggest exporter of CAN and ammonia as well as one of the top traders supplying urea, CAN, AN, DAP (diammonium phosphate), NPKs and AS (ammonium sulfate) via its exemplary, well-established dealership system. With its newly built port as well as its warehouses located all over Turkey, Gemlik Gubre boasts an extremely efficient logistics system, which enables it to act fast in the face of changing market conditions.


YILKEM is established in 2013 to provide chemical product storage, trade and distribution services in Turkey and the regional market. YILKEM develops regional strategies in order to fulfill its vision of offering “high-quality and affordable" product continuity. The company collaborates with well-known international brands and procures products regularly from the European, American, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. YILKEM benefits from the synergistic capabilities of YILDIRIM Group subsidiaries, efficiently utilizing the warehousing facilities in the Marmara Region terminals of YILPORT Holding, the world’s second fastest growing international terminal operator; the national and international distribution network of Eti Logistics; and the transportation strength of YILMAR Holding, which has a fleet of 11 chemical tankers and 10 general cargo and dry bulk vessels. Many of the chemical product suppliers who already hold a considerable market share in Turkey do not hold YILKEM’s advantageous position or have the synergistic support of YILDIRIM Group. By making use of its assets and the strong image of the YILDIRIM Group brand, YILKEM is successful in attracting international producer and trader firms for collaboration in the Turkish market.


Yilyak is the first met coke & nut coke importer and trader, and the second sized coal importer in Turkey.

One of YILDIRIM Group’s oldest subsidiaries, YILYAK Solid Fuel Marketing & Trading Inc. was established in 1994. The company is an expert in the import and domestic distribution of sized coal for domestic heating from Russia, Ukraine, South Africa and Mozambique. YILYAK is also one of the top providers of coal (steam coal, PCI and coking coal) as well as metallurgical coke, coke breeze and anthracite from Russia, Ukraine and Colombia for the cement, sugar and steel industries in Turkey.

YILYAK distributes its products throughout Turkey from its 4 warehouses in Samsun, Trabzon, Gebze and Iskenderun. One of the most important factors behind YILYAK’s success as a market leader is its reputation as a steady supplier for its customers, whose trust the company has earned with over 20 years of experience and customer-focused service.


YILMAR Shipping Agency, Logistics & Trading was established in 2000 in order to meet the logistics needs of YILDIRIM Group. The company’s activities include ship owning, management, chartering and agency as well as the sale and purchase (S&P) of vessels. YILMAR manages 11 dry bulk and general cargo vessels, with the annual volume of dry bulk carried exceeding the 1-million-ton level for the past 4 years. The company also serves third parties with the principles of honesty, reliability and high quality in its operations. Today, YILMAR has expanded its global range of activities by anticipating changes in maritime conditions as well as shifting customer needs and policies, thus securing a place for itself among the most respected shipping enterprises in Turkey.


The founding of YILDIRIM Energy Holding dates back to the year 2010, when YILDIRIM Group established YILDIRIM Energy Investments Inc. in order to invest in power plants both in Turkey and abroad. In August 2013, the Group consolidated its energy subsidiaries formed as special purpose companies under the umbrella of YILDIRIM Energy Holding Inc. YILDIRIM Energy Holding covers a wide portfolio of both renewable energy-sourced and cleaner fossil fuel-based power plant investments.

The company’s focus is on cleaner thermal power plants with capacities ranging from 200 MW to 5,000 MW, as well as renewable sources such as wind and hydroelectric power plants with capacities ranging from 50 MW to 500 MW.

The advantage YILDIRIM Energy brings to the global power markets is the ability to benefit from YILDIRIM Group’s “one-stop-shop” approach while combining the synergistic resources of its sister companies within the Group.

In the case of thermal power plants, YILDIRIM Energy will be a top performer in efficiently delivering high-quality, low-cost and low emission power services via YILDIRIM Group’s internal businesses covering its metals and mining, cleaner coal and coke, shipping, port management and logistics divisions, thus controlling the entire supply chain.


The Beykoz Kundura Complex is a unique historic site located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. The complex is one of the most treasured embodiments of Turkey’s industrial cultural heritage. Originally established as a tannery during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II in 1810, the Beykoz Leather and Shoe Factory provided shoes and leather items for the army. After the founding of the Turkish Republic, the factory continued to manufacture high-quality leather shoes under Sumerbank until production slowed down in the 1980s and the factory ceased operations in 1999.

The Beykoz Kundura Complex was acquired by YILDIRIM Group via privatization in 2004 as a real estate development, restoration and renovation project. Today, the Beykoz Kundura Complex derives strength from its cultural heritage as it works to secure the groundwork for a transformation project that celebrates Istanbul’s history while reflecting a modern image of the city’s future. The complex also benefits from the loyalty and support of the creative industry as it takes firm steps towards fulfilling the requirements of the Ministry of Culture’s Regional Board of Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets.


CMA CGM is the world’s 3rd largest container shipping company, operating worldwide with more than 450 vessels.

In 2016, YILDIRIM expects to exit from the investment dependent on bilateral negotiations, as set by the investment agreement duly signed on November 25, 2010. With this transaction, YILDIRIM Group expects to generate at least 40% internal rate of return (IRR) with 3x multiple of money (MoM).